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Rodeo Ticket Information

FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament

Jan. 19 thru Feb. 3

Eight events: Bareback Bronc Riding; Steer Wrestling; Team Roping; Saddle Bronc Riding; Tie-Down Roping; Women's Breakaway Roping; Barrel Racing; and Bull Riding.
56 athletes qualify in each event for the highly coveted FWSSR PRORODEO Tournament Titles!

seven brackets - two rounds each bracket

January 19 through January 30.

Contestants fight it out for the Semi-Finals - top two money earners in each event advance.

The rest hope and pray for a Wild Card!!! Two ways to get there.
  • 3rd Place in each bracket automatically qualifies!
  • 4th - 8th wait in Non-Qualifier Pool - highest money earner in each event from all brackets (the pool) qualifies.

the wild card

One round - Jan. 31 - the last chance to advance to Semi-Finals.
Top two in each event earn a Semi-Finals berth.


The Stock Show's "sweet sixteen" contestants have one chance to make it to the Championship Finals.
Round A - Feb. 1
Round B - Feb. 2
The four top money earners from each advance to the Championship Finals!!!

prorodeo tournament finals

And then, the finals!
One Ride... one chance to earn the title of FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament Champion!!!
February 3

More than $1.1 million will be awarded to FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament winners!

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