FWSSR Livestock Show Frequently Asked Questions
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Livestock frequently asked questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.
Scroll through this Q&A for answers to our most frequently asked Livestock questions.
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Livestock Entry Information

Can I enter the Show online?

Can I enter the Livestock Show after November 15?

Where can I find additional livestock entry information?

Junior Exhibitors

Is Quality Counts Verification required?

What date does an exhibitor’s Junior Heifer need to be registered in his/her name, and do they need to bring the original papers to show?

Arrival & Release

Can I buy ground passes, parking permits, etc. once I get to the Show?

Do I need to have health papers on my animals?

When can I get my stall assignments?

Can I bring my own feed and shavings?

Can I get an early release so we can leave after we show?

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