FWSSR Frequently Asked Questions
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Rodeo Ticket Information

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.
Scroll through this Q&A for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

For answers regarding livestock show entries, passes and policies, click here.
For answers regarding horse show entries, passes and policies, click here.

If we didn't answer your's, ask it here.

If you have a question that needs immediate attention, please call 817.877.2400.

General Information

What are the dates of the show?

What does Grounds Admission cost?

What is included in grounds admission?

What is the Stock Show's handgun policy?

Can I bring my pet to the Stock Show?

Are wagons and strollers allowed?

What is the policy regarding manually-powered and power-driven mobility devices?

Where can I rent wheelchairs and scooters?

How can I ride in the Rodeo’s Grand Entry or the Parade?

My school would like a tour. How do we sign up?

What is a Souvenir Pin and what does it cost?

What are the Stock Show's hours?

What's the difference between the Stock Show and the Stockyards?

What are the hours of the trade show?

I want to compliment the Show or have a complaint. Who do I contact?

What is the show's bag policy?

Can I bring a camera?

Can I bring my own food?

I need to contact a person visiting the Show. How do I do that?

Is the Stock Show wheelchair friendly?

Can I leave the Stock Show and come back on the same ticket?

Is there a lost and found?

Are there designated nursing mother locations?

What are the hours of operation?

Competitions & Shows

When are entries due?

Are Livestock or Horse Shows live streamed?

Are the livestock and horse shows included in my general admission ticket?

When will results be posted?

Will the Stock Show classes be cancelled or closed due to inclement weather?

Where can I find results for the livestock or horse show?

I have more questions about competitions.

Carnival Midway

How do I get tickets to the Carnival?

What does a Magic Money wristband include?

When is the Carnival Open?

Will the Carnival Midway close if the weather gets bad?


How do I become a vendor at the Stock Show?

I would like to sell food at the Show. Who do I contact?

Admission & Ticketing

How can I buy ground admission tickets in advance?

Do I need to buy a grounds admission ticket if I have a rodeo/concert/Mustang Magic/parade ticket?

Do I need a ticket to watch the parade?

Is grounds admission included with a concert ticket?

Is there a general admission discount for senior citizens?

Are there student ticket pricing offers?

What discounts are available on TCU, Texas A&M and Texas Tech Day?

Are there other discounts for grounds admission or tickets?

Is there a group discount?

How do I get Military Appreciation Day tickets?

What is the definition of retired military for Military Appreciation Day?

Are there ticket discounts for first responders?


How much is daily parking?

Is there Valet Parking?

Is there a designated drop-off / pick-up location for shared ride services?

Where do I find handicapped parking?

Can I pay for parking in advance?

Is there are trolley from the parking lots to the Stock Show grounds?

Is there a trolley from the Will Rogers grounds to Dickies Arena?


What times does the rodeo start?

When will my tickets be mailed?

Will my rodeo ticket get me into any other events?

How much are rodeo tickets?

How can I ride in the rodeo grand entry?

Where can I find rodeo results?

I have an issue with my ticket. What do I do?

Will the rodeo be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather?

How can I get a ticket to the North Texas High School Rodeo Association Scholarship rodeo?

What are ticket prices for infants or toddlers?

What other dates are there for the rodeo during the year?

I can no longer attend the rodeo. How do I get a refund?

I want to enter the rodeo. How do I do that?

Can I request a special announcement during the rodeo?

Why are the concerts and the rodeo at the same time?

Is the rodeo on TV?

I have a compliment or complaint about the Cowboy Channel broadcast, who do I contact?

I need more information about Dickies Arena.

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