Equine Scholarship Programs
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Equine Scholarship Programs

Congratulations to the 2024 Equine Scholarship Recipients!

Addison Allen: $2,000 NCHA Youth Cutting Reserve Champion

Kate Allen: $3,000 NCHA Youth Cutting Champion

Laurel Allred: $1,500 Reserve Champion Youth Pole Bending

Adriana Azuara: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Kennedy Beltz: $4,000 Paint Ranch Horse High Point

Lana Brickey: $4,000 Equine I.Q. Contest 5th Place; $2,000 Champion Horse Judging Team

Carrie Brigham: $2,000 Donkey & Mule Contest Champion

Cayle Canon: $6,000 Equine I.Q. Contest 4th Place

Kylan Canon: $10,000 Equine Public Speaking Challenge 2nd Place

Kinley Chambers: $2,000 POA Reserve High Point

Cara Christensen: $2,000 Quarter Horse Reserve High Point

Seth Connor: $2,000 NRCHA Youth Working Cow Horse Champion

Rylie Copeland: $2,000 Champion Horse Judging Team

Ian Danforth: $4,000 Palomino Horse High Point

Kelli DeSpain: $4,000 POA High Point

Madison Dolan: $2,000 POA Speed Event Reserve High Point

McKenzie Lynn Duggin: $2,000 Palomino Horse Reserve High Point

Taylor Eller: $4,000 Quarter Horse High Point

Jocelyn Ferguson: $2,000 Champion Youth Pole Bending

Savannah "Grace" Fry: $4,000 Equine Public Speaking Contest 5th Place; Champion Horse Judging Team

Rebecca "Faith" Fry: $4,000 Horse Judging Contest High Individual; $2,000 Champion Horse Judging Team

Jayden Gamboa: $2,000 Reserve Champion Youth Charro Cala

Taryn Goetz: $4,000 Speed Event High Point

Addison Gomez: $1,500 AQHA Reserve Champion Youth Working Cow Horse

Peytyn Goodin: $2,000 Paint Horse Reserve High Point

Lainey Grewing: $12,000 Equine Public Speaking Challenge Champion

4-H & FFA State Proficiency Awards

The Texas 4-H Horse Record Book Winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Two Texas FFA Equine Proficiency Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1,000 each.

National Ranch & Stock Horse Alliance Scholarship

At the National Intercollegiate Ranch & Stock Horse Alliance Collegiate Championship Show, coaches nominate one freshman student to receive the Outstanding Freshman Award in the amount of a $6,000 scholarship. This award recognizes a freshman student who works hard both in and out of the arena.

Estrella Guerrero: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Keila Maria Guzman: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Karel Forethy Guzman Fernandez: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Alexandria Hargraves: $12,000 Equine I.Q. Contest Champion

Terryn Harvey: $1,500 Reserve Champion Youth Barrel Racing

Christian Nicole Hernandez: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Isabelle Hildebrandt: $8,000 Equine I.Q. Contest 3rd Place; $6,000 Equine Public Speaking Challenge 4th Place; $4,000 Equine Contest All Around Champion

Ella Hopkins: $1,500 Versatility Limited Reserve Champion

Sara Rose Jons: $1,500 Reserve Champion Youth Ranch Riding

Charylett Lee: $2,000 Versatility Champion

Brissa Alicia Lopez: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Marin McCarthy: $2,000 Versatility Limited Champion

Elizabeth McFarland: $10,000 Equine I.Q. Contest 2nd Place

Cooper Noland: $1,500 Reserve Champion AQHA Youth Boxing

Katherine Norrell: $8,000 Equine Public Speaking Contest 3rd Place

Liliana Perez: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Karla Ramirez: $2,000 Champion Youth Escaramuza Team

Alfonso Rios: $1,000 3rd Place Youth Charro Cala

Reyes Rivera: $3,000 Champion Youth Charro Cala

Klare Segura: $1,500 Versatility Reserve Champion; $2,000 Champion AQHA Youth Working Cow Horse

Brent Shopbell: $4,000 Working Cow Horse Fence Challenge Youth Champion

Haylee Triplitt: $2,000 Champion AQHA Youth Boxing

Kirsten Walters: $2,000 Paint Ranch Horse Reserve High Point

Emily Ward: $2,000 Champion Youth Barrel Racing

Kerri Wright: $2,000 Ranch Riding Champion; $2,000 NRCHA Youth Boxing Champion

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