Kids Gone Wild
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Kids Gone Wild

Fun and Engaging

Kids Gone Wild
teaches kids not just about nature, but the important role ranchers play in managing natural resources - soil, plants and water - to benefit both livestock and wildlife.


Archery - taught by Archery Works in a safe and easy to understand setting.The KIDFISH “Catch Tank” - This portable fishing pond is stocked with 2-5 lb. catfish for kids’ catch and release fishing enjoyment!
TSRA Air rifle range - Test your shooting skills and safe firearm handling techniques in this air gun rifle activity. For youth ages 5 and up and family members.

With plenty more to keep your tribe entertained!

The Critters

  • Hawks and Falcons - Texas Hawking Assoc.
  • Snakes, Turtles and other Reptiles -DFW Herpetological Society
  • Live Quail
  • Honey Bees
  • and did we mention . . FISH?!?!


Learn how plants and vegetation benefit wildlife and require proper care and attention by landowners. You'll also learn how you can play an important role in water conservation, as well.
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