Carnival Midway
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Carnival Midway

Besides livestock, the Carnival / Midway is one of the oldest and most legendary features of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Offering acres of excitement for kids of all ages, you and your family will enjoy classic features like Ferris Wheels, a mega-drop and plenty of cute rides for the little ones. There's that classic carnival food, too.

Operated by Talley Amusements

With a longstanding history of providing quality amusement rides and amenities, Talley Amusements is a local company with a strong commitment to safety. The people of Talley Amusements pride themselves on providing outstanding rides, games and concessions in a clean, wholesome and friendly atmosphere.

Hours of Operation

Please note that these times are subject to change depending on weather.

Magic Money

the easy way to pay and play

Magic Money wristbands includes $50 of Midway credits and are the Stock Show's easy way to pay and play on the Carnival / Midway. AND, Magic Money Wristbands provide you FREE Stock Show grounds admission!

Rides To Thrill!

Mega Drop
Fast Trax Slide
Sky Liner
Wave Swinger
Century Wheel
Iron Dragon Coaster

Rides To Chill

Dragon Wagon
Tea Cups
Jumping Cycles
Metro Maze
Groovy Bus

Haunted Mansion
Cliff Hanger
Starship 3000

Bear Affair
Monkey Maze
Fun Slide
Circus Circus
Wacky Worm

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