Mustang Magic & Extreme Mustang Makeover
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Mustang Magic & Extreme Mustang Makeover

New and exciting Mustang format for 2020

Extreme Mustang Makeover Joins Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle (Formerly Mustang Magic) at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
Extreme Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle competitions illustrate the beauty, versatility and trainability of American Mustangs that have roamed freely on public lands throughout the West. Horses in these events are wild mares and geldings, typically four to seven years of age.

Our thanks to Lone Star Ag Credit for its support.

Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle - Jan. 24, 6 p.m.

Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle

Extreme Mustang Makeover - Jan. 25, 6 p.m.

Extreme Mustang Makeover Extreme Mustang Makeover

mustang magic celebrity freestyle, jan. 24, 6 pm


In a new format, eight top freestyle performers and fan favorites will showcase their abilities as trainers with an amazing freestyle performance.

Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr of Hico, Texas: is a multiple Extreme Mustang Makeover champion and launched his career performing at PRCA rodeos after his famous antique car and horse act captured the attention of rodeo committees. He was named the 2017 PRCA Specialty Act of the Year, an honor for which he has been nominated numerous times.

Katie Ketterhagen

Katie Ketterhagen of May, Texas: Katie has been training horses since her early teens, and fell in love with mustangs after competing in as of all breeds and disciplines, but they especially take pride in working with a wild mustang.

Nate Eicher

Nate Eicher of Brock, Texas: a four-time Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion. He has been training horses professionally for 18 years, but finds mustangs have a special uniqueness and loyalty, and are an inspiration to him as well as so many others.

Ginger Duke

Ginger Duke of Springtown, Texas: an accomplished trick rider and a former Mustang Magic champion and reserve champion. She has traveled the world performing at professional rodeos and other equine-related events.

Madison Shambaugh

Madison Shambaugh of Telluride, Colorado: Madison has been an advocate as well as a trainer of wild horses. She also specializes in working with exotic equines, including zebras. Her program places a large emphasis on liberty in an effort to refine communication between horse and human and to reach new heights in horsemanship.

Dan James

Dan James of Midway, Kentucky: Dan came to the United States from Australia as a part of Double Dan Horsemanship. Since then, he has gained world-wide attention for his liberty and freestyle acts, performing at such events as the Rolex Three-Day event, the World Equestrian Games and the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Marsha Hartford

Marsha Hartford Sapp of Tallahassee, Florida: is the owner and head trainer at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center, where she also coaches the Florida State University Equestrian team. Her three-strikes mustang, Cobra, has been honored as 2018 USEF National Horse of the year, has been inducted into the USEF & Equus Foundation Hall of Fame and has been honored as a Breyer Horse.

Wylene Wilson-Davis

Wylene Wilson-Davis of Nenzel, Nebraska: a two-time winner of the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover and was featured in the Nat GEO Wild documentary, “Mustang Millionaire” and the movie, “Wild Horse, Wild Ride.” She continues to train and successfully compete in prestigious competitions across the country.

extreme mustang makeover, january 25, 6 pm


Wild mustangs are paired with a horse trainer approved by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and spend 100 days preparing to compete in classes that highlight their gentleness and adaptability to everyday equestrian events: handling and conditioning class, a maneuvers class and a trail class. The top 10 compete on Saturday night in a freestyle finals performance. At the conclusion of the event, they will be available for purchase via public competitive bid.
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