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Way out West Boots


Authentic Handmade boots

Our boots are handmade in El Paso Texas by master craftsman. The shop we use has a long and storied history in El Paso. Their fine craftsmanship is superior making Ben Miller, Tony Lama's, Ammons and T. O. Stanley boots. And Tom Taylor in Santa Fe. Superior quality and craftsmanship since 1950.

I was raised in a full line Western Store. My passion is the Western business. Boots in particular. I started measuring feet in 1979. It's my extreme pleasure to offer one of the finest authentic custom handmade to measure boots made today. I offer my personal service during every phase of your experience at Way Out West Boots. I exhibit at a limited number of events here in Ft. Worth, Texas where you can see our magnificent line of boots. I also do personal appointments thru out the region. Thank you. I appreciate your time. Sincerely William Miller

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