REATA - Backstage
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REATA - Backstage

Reata, Spanish for “rope”, is named for the majestic ranch in the 1950’s epic movie “Giant,” starring James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. Overlooking the coliseum, the Backstage Club has an extensive history of dining and social gathering for more than 50 years, and has been frequented by politicians, movie stars and other celebrities. A private club for more than five decades, the once exclusive Backstage Club will be open to the public, with no memberships required. Reata at the Backstage will be open for lunch & dinner throughout the season, with exact dates & times to be determined. Reservations are strongly recommended – phone lines for reservation will reopen on December 2nd at (817) 348-0642.

For more information about the Backstage Club for private events please contact Misti Callicott at (817) 336-0500 ext 22 or at

Reata at the Backstage Club begins taking reservations for the stock show after December 2nd at (817) 348-0642.

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