My Massage Pillow
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My Massage Pillow


The pillow runs on 2 D batteries (Batteries Included), or a power supply adapter (sold separately). Simply open the pillow up from the back to access the batteries, power supply connection or vibrating speed control. Enjoy the soothing comfort of My Massage Pillow virtually anywhere. With a convenient size of 13"x13", you can take it to work, use it while driving your car or just throw your feet on it after a long work day.

  • 5 year warranty
  • 2 D Batteries Included
  • Pressure activated
  • 2 speeds (high/low)
  • 4 random massages: Circle | Zigzag | Wave | Pulse
  • Helps circulation, relaxes muscles, helps reduce pain

Can use a 3-volt AC adapter to run it all day instead of batteries. Adapters sold separately.

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