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La Vaquita Figurines


Our Story

Here at LaVaquita we love the cow. Our founders hail from the Great State of Texas and have always had an affinity for the gentle bovine. We partnered with the non-profit CowParade to bring you new designs from artists worldwide.

A way to raise awareness for a greater good

For every design that you see on our site, there is a life size version of it that was sold at auction for charity!

Fun Facts:

  • Over 250 million people around the world have seen one of our famous cows.
  • Over $30 million have been raised through worldwide charitable organizations through the auction of the cows, which take place at the conclusion of each event.
  • Over 10,000 artists worldwide have participated in CowParade – professional and amateur, famous and emerging, young and old.
  • Over 5,000 cows have been created!
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