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Peter Brothers Hats

Peters Brothers was started by Jim and Tom Peters in 1911. In 1921 Tom left Fort Worth to work for John B. Stetson in Philadelphia, PA. He learned to make hats from the master hatters at Stetson. Tom returned to Fort Worth with his new knowledge and started making hats at the downtown location.

Amon Carter was so intrigued with the Peters Brothers hats that he gave them away to movie stars, dignitaries, and famous celebrities when they visited Fort Worth. Mr. Carter named the hats "The Shady Oaks" and they are still made to this day! Grandson Joe Peters still makes "The Shady Oaks" the same way that granddad taught him which was one at a time by hand.

Visit them in downtown Fort Worth, at the Fort Worth Stock Show or
Click Here to visit on the web
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