Entry Applications

Exhibitor information may be entered and printed using Internet Explorer. Information entry function is not available on other browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.), Printing of blank applications is functional on most other browsers.


Horses, Donkey and Mule Shows – November 15.
Late entries must be postmarked by December 30 and submitted with appropriate late fee

Competition is open to the world in all classes, except where otherwise stated in this Premium List. Exhibitors are responsible for knowing and complying with all the rules and regulations contained herein.

All entries must be submitted on official entry applications obtained from the office of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show or from our website in accordance with instructions on same. These applications, after being signed by the exhibitor, are to be filed along with applicable fees in the general office of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, PO Box 150, Fort Worth, TX 76101-0150.

E-mails, telephone calls, or facsimiles will not be accepted for the purpose of entry, substitution, or cancellation.

Entries postmarked by midnight of the above dates will be accepted, if otherwise in order.