Committees / Volunteers

NOTE: Some of the following may not be presently available due to prior commitments. If you would like to volunteer for one of the committees listed below, please submit a letter of request along with a completed volunteer application and any qualifying credentials or references to:

Attn: Bradford S. Barnes
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
P.O. Box 150
Fort Worth, TX 76101



    This Committee consists of approximately 40 members whose responsibility is to solicit contributions that are used as an above market bonus that is paid to prize winning Junior exhibitors that sell their animals at the Stock Show. This Committee solicits in excess of $140,000 annually through contributions ranging from $100 up to $10,000. The vast majority of this money is paid out to prize winning lamb, barrow and wether goat exhibitors that do not have the opportunity to go through the Junior Sale of Champions public auction. There is an annual Ag. Fund Committee luncheon in October, which kicks off the fund drive, concluding each year on the 1st of December.


    Striving to make Stock Show visitors welcomed, Ambassador Committee members stand ready to assist guests with information to ensure their time at the legendary Stock Show is an enjoyable experience. Ambassadors are located at two information booths – one in the foyer of the Amon Carter Jr. Exhibits Hall and another in the Richardson Bass Building – every day of the Stock Show. Ambassadors will also be stationed at pedestrian entry points on designated days to assist Stock Show guests with assistance and directions to their desired destinations. Ambassadors strive to ensure each and every guest has a legendary experience at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.


    Members solicit sponsors for $500 calf scramble certificates that are presented to the winners of the Calf Scramble event held during each performance of the rodeo. There are eight winners at each performance and there are 30 performances. Therefore, it is necessary to secure a minimum of 240 sponsors. Support of this program has been overwhelming to the extent the program has been over subscribed. Consequently many sponsors allow or instruct us to use their $500 donation for our Calf Scramble Scholarship Fund. Through this program approximately $100,000 in scholarships are awarded to Calf Scramble winners based on the quality of monthly reports and a final essay they are required to send to their sponsor.


    This Committee presently consists of 15 members. Their responsibility is to solicit donors for scholarships that are awarded to the High Point Youth in four horse divisions: Paint, Quarter, Palomino and Pony of the Americas. In addition, this Committee has initiated a scholarship program based on essays Junior exhibitors submit to our office.


    This group was organized in 1980 to solicit buyers of animals, predominately steers that are sold at public auction at our Junior Sale of Champions. This Committee has approximately 100 members. There are approximately six Committee meetings beginning in October concluding with their wrap up meeting in the spring. The commitments this Committee solicits range from $500 to presently over $100,000 for the Grand Champion Steer.


    Members of this Committee welcome Junior Livestock Exhibitors and their supervisors arriving to the show grounds. There are actually three different arrival dates for Junior Livestock Exhibitors to arrive at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Assignments are made for committeemen to work in pairs at different locations where vehicles line up to enter the show grounds. Members are assigned a shift for normally five hours. The Committee also provides stall assignments and any other information that will be helpful to the exhibitors. An extension of this committee is known as the Rodeo Greeting Committee. The Rodeo Greeting Committee greets our PRCA Rodeo Contestants and helps transport them and their gear from the parking lots to the Rodeo Secretary’s Office and the Hospitality Area.


    The Guns and Roses committee is a group of local artists, educators, and individuals committed to the youth in our area. The committee played a pivotal role in the creation and re-design of the entire Stock Show Art Contest in 2011. The committee is also responsible for the checking in, judging and display process as well as the awards ceremony that is focused on honoring and recognizing this talented group of young Texas artists.


    The Hispanic Advisory Committee consists of approximately 15 community and cultural leaders that assist the Stock Show in building unique relationships to promote Western Heritage and strengthen common cultural values that enhance the Stock Show experience. The members work to create a welcoming family focused destination that enhances bi-national relationships that also promote agricultural and livestock sales.


    In our various breed divisions people from all walks of life serve as Superintendents. Depending on the particular department the number varies from two to ten people. The Superintendents are totally responsible for conducting the show for each particular breed or species. This includes checking the animals in, conducting the Show and releasing the animals at a designated time. There are presently 27 people that serve as Horse Show Superintendents. The various horse shows are divided up and assigned to a specific number of Superintendents to conduct, with most Superintendents working three to four different shows. The time required, depending on your interest, would vary from four to 24 days.


    This Committee consists of approximately 17 members whose responsibility is to staff our International Suite which is operated daily during our annual Show. The committee persons are assigned shifts where there are always at least three committee members on duty during the hours of operation which is 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Committee members greet, register and provide information to international guests in a private setting where refreshments are available.


    In our various breed divisions people from all walks of life serve as Superintendents. Depending on the particular department the number varies from two to ten people. The Superintendents are totally responsible for conducting the show for each particular breed or species. This includes checking the animals in, conducting the Show and releasing the animals at a designated time. The amount of time required for this responsibility is four to five days.


    It is the responsibility of this Committee to organize and stage the annual Stock Show Parade in downtown Fort Worth. The Committee consisting of approximately 100 members has an organizational meeting approximately ten days before the parade.


    The Spur Committee works toward increasing awareness of the Stock Show and promoting its mission to an identified demographic through special projects. The main project for the Spur Committee is promoting the Rodeo Roadhouse, our live music venue, to the Stock Show guests.



    This program provides companies the opportunity to entertain customers and/or employees at certain rodeo performances at discounted ticket prices. Also there are banquet facilities (subject to availability) with food and beverage service for entertaining guests prior to the Rodeo.


    Circulation 21,000 – Sold at each rodeo performance by The Junior League of Fort Worth. Policy is to solicit only advertisers that will benefit from exposure in this publication. Advertisements of a congratulatory nature are not encouraged.


    Many people have moved to the Fort Worth/Dallas area the last few years. Most are unaware of the educational and entertainment opportunities afforded at the Stock Show. When you have the chance, enlighten the newcomers about our event and encourage them to attend.


There are several sales scheduled during the run of the Stock Show. Your attendance and participation in these sales can be very beneficial and will be greatly appreciated.

    JUNIOR SALE OF CHAMPIONS: This sale presents an opportunity for the young exhibitors who show champions and prize winners in each class of the Junior Livestock Show to sell their animals. Purchasing an animal is an excellent way to support the Show and help a young person reap reward for their hard work and good performance. More than 250 steers, barrows, sheep and goats sell. You can conveniently arrange your purchase through either the Stock Show Syndicate or Agricultural Development Fund. Or just come and bid at the sale, held at 9:00 a.m. on the last Saturday of the Stock Show.
    RANCH HORSE SHOW AND SALE: Support of this prestigious event as a participant at the sale is a meaningful way to get involved and benefit the Stock Show. The event will be held the first Sunday of the Show.



    Contributions to our Agricultural Development Fund are designated to ensure above market price bonuses will be paid to Junior exhibitors who sell their prize winning animals at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Donations range in the amount of $100 – $10,000.


    The Stock Show Calf Scramble requires a minimum of 240 sponsors each year. This program offers opportunities for involvement through $500 contributions directed towards Calf Scramble sponsorships and the Calf Scramble Scholarship program. Involvement in this fundraising effort offers the donor recognition in the Rodeo Souvenir Annual as well as in the daily rodeo insert for the performance in which your sponsorship will be awarded.


    Each $500 donation to the Equine Scholarship program is used to fund scholarships awarded to the High Point and Reserve High Point Youth in the Paint, Quarter, Palomino and Pony of the Americas horse shows at the Stock Show.