Calf Scramble - 2023 Scramble Winners
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Calf Scramble - 2023 Scramble Winners

Since 1987, OVER $4 Million in scholarships has been awarded to 1,689 Calf Scramble Participants.

Calf Scramble Supervisors, Participants and Parents:

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments you have about the program.

We are happy to provide guidance and assistance throughout the year.

Good Luck!
Calf Scramble Office
Email Melissa Johnson


The 2023 Calf Scramble Purchase Certificate Packets have been mailed to the attention of the AST/CEA supervising the Calf Scramble Winner. Please carefully review the entire contents of your packet upon receipt.

Each of the 230 Winners has been issued a $500 Purchase Certificate to use towards the purchase of a registered Beef or Dairy Heifer.
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