Calf Scramble - 2020 Winners - SHOW CANCELLATION
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2021 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Cancelled

Calf Scramble - 2020 Winners - SHOW CANCELLATION

Important Notice - 2020 Calf Scramble Scholarships

Calf Scramble Supervisors, Participants and Parents:

Although the 2021 Fort Worth Stock Show has been cancelled, participants wanting to remain eligible for the Calf Scramble Scholarship Program must continue completing the remaining program requirements. Please write and submit monthly reports to your Calf Scramble Sponsors and provide copies of those reports to the Stock Show’s Calf Scramble Office. The Calf Scramble Office should only receive a photocopy of the reports and other material the sponsor receives. Participants must also submit a final essay due no later than February 5, 2021 on their Calf Scramble experience to be considered for scholarship awards.

A letter outlining these requirements has been mailed to all 2020 Calf Scramble participants. Please read it carefully and call us if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities. If you have not received a letter by October 23, please call the Calf Scramble Office promptly.

We appreciate your cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Thank you,
Calf Scramble Office
Email Melissa Johnson

Each year the Calf Scramble Scholarship Committee grants scholarships to deserving participants. An overall minimum of $21,500 is allocated among 30 scholarship recipients.

Criteria based on the participant's overall completion of program requirements, which includes writing and filing monthly reports as well as a final essay, is used by the committee to determine scholarship winners.

Due to the outstanding efforts of the Calf Scramble Committee, minimum scholarship commitments have been exceeded for several years. The following guide outlines last year’s scholarship totals:
These scholarships will be provided to the winning students to use as scholastic assistance beginning with their initial semester of enrollment at a college or university of their choice. To be eligible for scholarships, please review the “Reports and Exhibition” section of the 2020 Calf Scramble Rules at the top of page 5.
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2021 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Cancelled