Rodney Parker & Charlie Shafter
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Rodney Parker & Charlie Shafter - The Corkyard

Date: Jan 18, 2022
Time: 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Sometimes you encounter a musical artist for a first time and find yourself experiencing a warm sense of déjà vu – not a feeling that you’ve heard it all before, but a feeling that you’ve reunited with a person you’ve known for ages, someone with whom you share a connection. That’s the vibe conjured up by Charlie Shafter, a young singer-songwriter with an old soul – and a knack for forging a connection with just about anyone who crosses paths with his songs.

Rodney Parker’s always had a knack for writing singalongs that met somewhere between rocking alt-country and heartland anthems. The Lonesome Dirge and The Apology were built on driving, sharp guitars that became the pulse of Parker’s songs. That melodic pulse is still there in Bomber Heights, but it’s cleaner and more cautious. Like the backside of Bruce Springsteen’s The River or a beefed up Nebraska, Parker dials it back. He makes you lean in and listen.

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