W. Durable Goods
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W. Durable Goods


Before starting W Durable Goods in 2012, Daniel Wright spent 12 years working as an electrician. An artist at heart, he always made sure his electrical work looked appealing. “It has to work, but it has to look good, too. If it looks right, people believe it’s right.”

Apart from his day job, Daniel has always enjoyed making things with his hands. He initially taught himself to use a sewing machine so he could repair his own clothes but, once he started making bags, it sort of took over - at first monopolizing his time, then overrunning his house.

After a few years of practicing his craft, he was running out of storage space so he began selling his work online. In 2012, Daniel and his wife Stephanie felt like it was the right time to leave their day jobs and put everything they had into W Durable Goods. That’s when they made the leap to opening a retail store you can visit today.

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