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Sweeties Cheesecake

orMy mom, who is an incredible baker. Although she usually bakes pies and cakes once she made a cheesecake for me. I think this was the first time I ever had a cheesecake and I loved it.

That cheesecake didn’t last very long, so I asked her to make
me another. My mom loves baking, but she said, “Michael, I can’t make you a cheesecake every weekend!” So that’s when I needed to learn to make my own.

Trying to satisfy my love of cheesecake, I began baking my own, and in a way, that’s where Sweetie’s began, though it would take a few years and a few twists and turns in the
road for Sweetie’s Cheesecakes to come to life.

We hope you will visit us at the Fort Worth Stock Show and try all of our wonderful flavors each in its own jar!

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