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Fenoglio Boots


In 2001 a handful of seasoned bootmakers in Nocona, Texas and a few new faces bent on keeping the business going launched the Montague Boot Company and opened their factory in the same brick building off Main Street where Enid Justin had started her famous boot business in Nocona in 1925. From the outset, this new boot company competed with what had become a few giants of the boot industry who had seen their operations grow immensely through outsourcing of their boot production to foreign countries near and afar.

But that was not the business model that grew up here in Nocona, Texas in the spirit of Daddy Joe and Miss Enid and all those many boot makers who have called this town home for the past 150 years. The Fenoglios–whose relatives had first settled this land back in the 1886–to take the reins and chart new and exciting courses in both traditional and modern boot making. The Fenoglio Boot Co. is fast-becoming a brand that not only locals but all Texans and foreigners alike value for the fine materials and workmanship, the finest in Texas boots, once again being made right here in Nocona the right way.
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